Elwood Bond

Performer | Educator

Since his first performance in 2004, Elwood Bond has proven year after year that he has the ability to grow and excel in the consistently evolving music industry. Starting out as the go-to drummer for emergency fill in work for bands all across the US, Elwood has maintained that roll in the punk communities while expanding his reach into the musical theater, music educator,  contemporary christian music, and jazz scenes in Tampa.

His musical sight began to shift when he started to perform as the house percussionist for Jobsite Theater in 2013. After performing in Hedwig, Elwood knew if he wanted to work more as a musician that he would have to become a more well-rounded musician. It was during this year when he started to increase his knowledge of music and take what he learned through playing in bands and began to apply it in his collegiate studies. His hard work paid off in consistent referrals to gigs and awards like HCC's semesterly competition, Performer of the Semester. Since 2013, he's been averaging 100 performances a year and gaining momentum as one of the most consistent drummers.

When he's not playing weekly shows in his original music bands like Station Cases, DRUG, and Help! Police!, performing jazz standards with the Carrollwood Jukebox Big Band and The New Guard Jazz Trio. Aside from a busy performance schedule, he's spends his time working on his degree in Music Education at The University of Tampa and teaching students in his private studio.

Background image by Nicole Kibert (elawgrrl.com). Video footage courtesy of Jobsite Theater, Costello Films, and Meatlocker TV via Youtube.com.